Lisa Scott Funeral Home P.A.
Havre de Grace, Maryland
"Personalized Professional Service Provided with Dignity"

Lisa Scott Funeral Home

552 Lewis St.
Havre de Grace, MD 21078
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Lisa M. Scott Funeral Director / Owner

We are pleased to provide the communities of Harford and Cecil County Maryland the opportunity to view our obituaries and features of our funeral home online.

Lisa Scott Funeral Home was established in April 2000 at the location of the former Bullock Funeral Home and Beard Funeral Home at 552 Lewis St. Havre de Grace, MD. It is our intent to provide our neighbors with the continued care and compassion that our predecessors established. Lisa Scott has been a licensed Funeral Director since 1995 and is a life long resident of Cecil and Harford Counties. Lisa graduated from Catonsville Community College (Baltimore) School of Mortuary Science with Honors in 1994.
Many of the families we serve recognize the importance of being informed about all aspects of the funeral ceremony. We encourage everyone with any question regarding funeral services to contact us through E-Mail or telephone at 410-939-4940.

Some of the many services we offer at the Lisa Scott Funeral Home P.A. are:

Funeral Planning   Advance Planning
Cremation Traditional Funeral Service
After Care Funeral Trusting
Funeral Costs Cemetery Information
Veterans Benefits Social Security Benefits

Lisa Scott Funeral Home P.A.:

552 Lewis St.
Havre de Grace, MD 21078
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